Guitar Lessons


Learn to play the guitar in a 6 week beginners course.
Get to know all the basic chords, notes, strumming patterns, finger style techniques and more to get you started.


Delve deeper into the world of guitar in a 6 week intermediate course.
Get ready to rock, learn to play the blues, discover some interesting chord variations and learn how to impress your friends at a jam session.

Duration: 45 minutes per lesson, 6 lessons in total
Date: to be announced
Group size: 6 people
Age:  Adults (16+)


Whether you’re a total beginner or just need some motivation and guidance to keep you going, there are plenty of things for you to learn, so you can play the songs you love! From chords to strumming patterns, finger style techniques, notes, scales,
tablature reading, soloing and more.

Private lessons: 
(30 min) $30
Duo lessons: 
(30 min) $45
Casual lesson: 
(30 min/60 min) $35 / $70

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