Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy, also known as Sound Healing or vibrational medicine, is an ancient practice that employs the vibration of the human voice as well as musical instruments like singing bowls, gongs, drums, and more, to trigger the relaxation response and bring deep healing.
Sound can clear blockages in the chakras and subtle energy bodies (biofield or aura). It can disperse excess energy, and bring back nourishing life force energy. Sound can penetrate through our cells, tissues and organs, and bring balance and harmony back in the whole body.


Lie down, relax and immerse yourself into the beautiful sounds of Tibetan & crystal singing bowls, drums, gongs, flute, vocals, and a variety of percussion instruments, taking you on an internal journey…

Sound triggers the relaxation response and can restore balance and harmony in our body and mind. In this special series of 5 Sound Baths we focus on the 5 elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
Some sessions include guided visualisation, toning, simple breathing exercises and mantra, as well as the healing sounds of the instruments.

25/02/18 WOOD
18/03/18 FIRE
29/04/18 EARTH
27/05/18 METAL
24/06/18 WATER

7pm-8pm (please arrive on time!)

Yoga Sol, 11 Mawarra Crescent, Ferny Hills

Experience it now for half price! ($15 per session)
Or save $10 when you book in for all 5 sessions! ($65)
Book through: Yoga Sol – MindBody App

What to bring/wear:
Please bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable clothes.
Mats and blankets will be provided.

Booking are required as spaces are limited.
Book through: Yoga Sol – MINDBODY app, or email:

Open up your voice and experience the joy of singing/chanting together in a group.
Feel your body relax with different sounds, relieving stress and tension.
And let thoughts and worries drop away, as we listen to the sound of silence.

Every Monday 7:30pm-8:30pm at Yoga Sol (Ferny Hills)

Booking are required as spaces are limited.
Book through: Yoga Sol – MINDBODY app, or email: