Art Therapy

Arthentic utilizes art therapy by helping its clients visually express feelings and thoughts. This is done through creative mediums like: painting, drawing and clay modeling.
Art therapy differs from other psychological therapies as it does not solely rely on the spoken word. Arthentic allows its clients to express themselves in a safe, non-judgemental environment, using art materials in a way that will have a positive effect on the client’s personal development.
Art therapy increases self-awareness, well-being, relaxation, creativity, self-esteem and much more! No prior art experience is necessary because art isn’t about technique – it’s about: expressing yourself authentically.

Individual sessions:
Intake: 30 min. $30
Art therapy session: 60 min. $75

(Individual art therapy sessions are weekly with an average of 8-12 sessions in total.)

Group sessions:
Arthentic also delivers a range of therapeutic art workshops.
Specializing in a unique experience that any individual, organization, business, school, or group can benefit from.

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