Nada Yoga

Exploration of the inner sound -the sound of silence- through yoga, pranayama, mantra, sound and meditation.

Nada means ‘flow of sound’ and yoga means ‘union’. Nada Yoga is the process of uniting the individual mind with cosmic consciousness through the flow of sound. Tracing the origin of sound, music, thoughts and feelings to their source, through yoga asana, breath work, chanting, meditation etc. So we can experience the pure silence of pure consciousness.

This gentle practice is accessible to beginners and experienced yogis, and focusses on multiple levels of wellbeing, making you feel more balanced, calm, and centered.

Each class will include the following:

  • Yoga asana – to still the body
  • Pranayama – to settle the breath
  • Mantra chanting – to quiet the mind
  • Sound meditation – to calm the emotions

6 week Nada Yoga (Sound Yoga) course starting soon!

For more information and bookings go to: 
Or visit the FB event page:

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